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English – 5th Six Weeks Extra Credit February 24, 2015

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Extra Credit (maximum of 20 points may be earned, to be averaged in with other grades) (more…)


English – 5th Six Weeks Overview and Info

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The 5th Six Weeks Overview  and 5th Six Weeks R/W Notebook Instructions were given to students in class last week. Students wrote 3 questions that they have about their books as part of their book check. They will use those questions as their “Big Questions” for the R/W Notebook entries this six weeks.

Due Dates for the R/W Notebook Entries:

March 2/3 – RWNB #1 Due

March 25/26 – RWNB #2 Due (more…)


Math Week of February 9th February 10, 2015

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Here are the math assignments for the week: (more…)


Bellaire High School Cardinal Kickoff – A Night For Prospective Students

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Wednesday, February 18 at 6:30 PM.

Come Experience Bellaire High School

  • Learn about our outstanding Academic Programs including AP, IB, and Dual Credit
  • Discover opportunities to participate in our award winning Visual & Performing Arts Programs
  • Visit with coaches from our 13 UIL Athletic Programs as well as additional club sports
  • Explore your interests by attending Club Jamboree and meeting representatives from over 115 clubs and student organizations
  • Get connected and begin to receive information about the Class of 2019
  • Find out how the 2012 Bond and the rebuilding of Bellaire High School will affect members of the Class of 2019




US History – Unit 6 February 5, 2015

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Attached are the vocabulary and the Five Alive for Unit 6 requested by Alexandria!

Unit 6 Five Alive Revised – working throughout Unit 6 with a variety of due dates. Please check classroom board for exact dates!

Unit 6 Vocabulary – Vocabulary quiz is Feb. 6th, 2015


English 4th Six Weeks Extra Credit Opportunities

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There are two opportunities for EXTRA CREDIT this six weeks for a maximum of 20 points (5 + 15). All extra credit for the 4th six weeks must be completed by 2/13!! (more…)


Science – Week of Feb. 9

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SCIENCE TEST – Moved to Wed 11/Thurs 12



Test Review Due Mon 9/ Tues 10 – No late work is accepted. (more…)



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