"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you." R. W. Emerson

Science – Week of Feb. 8

Space Test – Mon. Feb. 15 & Tues Feb. 16

Friday is the last day of the six weeks.

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English – Week of February 1st

**The grading cycle ends next week. Please stay on top of your assignments!

***Extra Credit is available on my door and worth up to 15pts, due Feb 10. Please let me know if you have any questions about that assignment.

Monday/Tuesday – Students will revise and edit their timed writings. Students will also go over the requirements for the ‘Vocabulary Challenge’ and the ‘Book Project.’ Homework: R/W NB #2, due Feb 8&9, and Vocab Challenge, due Feb 10.

Wednesday/Thursday – Students will practice diagramming sentences and work on their ‘Book Project.’ If students do not complete their book projects in class, it will become homework. Homework: R/W NB #2, due Feb 8&9, Vocab Challenge, due Feb 10, and Book Project due Feb 8 & 9

Friday – Students will type and submit a final draft of their timed writing. Homework: R/W NB #2, due Feb 8&9, Vocab Challenge, due Feb 10, and Book Project due Feb 8 & 9


Note: Book Projects will be presented in class on Monday/Tuesday February 8/9.

Upcoming: Diagramming Quiz #2 will be Wednesday/Thursday February 10/11.

US History – Week of Feb. 1st

This week, we will be starting Unit 6: Challenges of the New Republic.  Continue reading

US History – Unit 5 Exam

This week, we are concluding Unit 5.

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Kinkaid is offering a FREE Engineering, Math, and Science Summer Institute for interested students.

EMSI is a FREE competitive summer learning experience for minority students interested in math and science. Students will spend five weeks  (June 8 – July 13th) exploring new topics in engineering, math, science, and technology.

EMSI is a sequential four-year summer program for rising 9th graders. Students accepted into the program will take academic classes for the first three summers. The fourth summer is designed for selected students to serve as interns at local engineering companies.

See attachment for details and application  kinkaid summer institute or visit kinkaidEMSI.weebly.com

Science – Week of Jan. 25

Space quiz on Monday, Feb. 1 / Tuesday, Feb. 2 Continue reading

English – 4th Six Weeks

Welcome Back! I hope you had a restful Winter Break!

Last week, we completed the IStation Middle of the Year Assessment. We learned about intelligence types and set goals for this semester. We set up goals folders that we will be completing this week. We also reviewed sentence diagramming.

This week, on Monday/Tuesday, we began learning about archetypes – we watched a video on archetypes and took notes about archetypal elements. We also had a book check.

Students received the  4th Six Weeks Overview 2016  – this should be taped into their composition books.

On Wednesday/Thursday, we will be learning to diagram compound subjects, compound predicates, and compound predicate nouns/adjectives. We will read an excerpt from The Odyssey and identify archetype elements in that excerpt.

On Friday, we will complete a homophone review activity and an archetype scavenger hunt.

Homework this week: 

  • Vocabulary.com list: POMS ELA8 Archetypes due 1/18
  • Reader/Writer Notebook Entry #1 due Jan. 21/22



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