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8B Museum Field Trip Information

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Math/Algebra – Week of September 26

This is the last week of the grading cycle. Please monitor grade speed and hand in any missing or late work you may have. Monday, September 26th is the last day to take the Chapter 3 & 4 retest. Remember, you must have the retake review completed and turned in before you take the test.

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8th Grade Museum Field Trip – Chaperones Needed

8B Students will be going to the Houston Holocaust Museum and the Houston Museum of Natural Science on Friday, October 14. Parent chaperones are needed! Please e-mail Ms. Sher at asher@houstonisd.org if you are interested in helping! You must be VIPS approved to chaperone. If you are not already VIPS approved, please contact Ms. Trevino at the front desk to get approved.

More information about the field trip to come…

Science – Week of Sept. 26

Test Review Due Mon 26/Tues 27 test review

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US Hisotry – Unit 1 Vocabulary List

Students will be taking their Unit 1 Vocabulary Quiz on Wednesday/Thursday, Sept. 28th/29th . In order to prepare, they can access my quizlet list to review flashcards, create tests, or even play review games. The link is ” Miss Riegler’s Quizlet list.”

Also, I have attached copies of the terms definitions as well as the visuals that students have pasted in their classroom studies.




Good Luck!
Miss Riegler



US History – Week of August 19th

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English – Week of Sept. 19

Info about personal narratives, short stories, and cycle 1 test!

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