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PARENTS – WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!! April 16, 2015

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We would like to reward our students for a “job well done” at the end of this year. Based on STAAR and EOC exams, students will have the opportunity to enter a drawing for some fabulous prizes such as Kindle Fires and summer games and activities. We would also like to include a variety of gift cards or certificates in the drawing, but these cannot be purchased by the school. If you are able to help us supplement our drawing with gift cards (ranging from $5-$25), we would greatly appreciate it. Possibilities included (but are not limited to): movie tickets, ice cream, passes for activities such as rock climbing or ice skating, Game Stop, Dave and Busters, gift cards for restaurants… the possibilities are endless! We appreciate your help in sending our 8th graders off with great memories of Pin Oak!

Gift Certificates should be given to Mrs. Foster.



Science – Week of April 13 April 14, 2015

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Please encourage your child to look back over material that they are still struggling with. They can use their STAAR practice test analysis to see which objectives they struggled with and they can use their review packets and answer documents from class to see what objectives they still need to look over. They can look in their notes, textbook, or online to review the information. I am available to help or answer any questions they might still have as well. (more…)


English – Links for joining Ms. Sher’s class on Vocabulary.com April 13, 2015

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In order to join Ms. Sher’s class and get credit for your vocabulary.com, you must follow the link below for your class (and then log-in or sign up from that link):

1st Period: http://vocab.com/join/3Y1DSST

2nd Period: http://vocab.com/join/4V8QVS

3rd Period:http://vocab.com/join/2CT7JNW

4th Period: http://vocab.com/join/4125Z62

8th Period: http://vocab.com/join/141RJP5



US History – STAAR Review April 12, 2015

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As we are approaching STAAR, I wanted to reiterate and share about 4 beneficial and fun resources that your students should take advantage of to prepare for their US History exam.  (more…)


English – 6th Six Weeks – To Kill a Mockingbird April 9, 2015

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To Kill A Mockingbird book cover

We have started reading our in-class novel for the 6th six weeks –  To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. We will be reading this novel in class and completing Reader/Writer Notebook entries as we read.

We have a class set of books and students can complete all reading in class; however, many students may find it beneficial to have their own copy of the book. If you would like to get your own copy, it does not matter which version you get (as long as it is unabridged). You may download it to an e-reader and this book is readily available as Half-Priced books (as well as any bookstore).

Please refer to the 6th Six Weeks Overview for a timeline of in-class reading as well as major dates/grades. In case you need the new R/W Instructions: Reader Writer Instructions 6th Six Weeks

Homework this week:

Capitalization of Proper Nouns and Adjectives Worksheet (IOWA Review #1) due Friday, April 10

Vocabulary.com: Mastery of TKAM Ch 1-5 (POMS) Word List due Monday, April 13

IOWA Review #2 due Friday, April 17

Vocabulary.com: Mastery of TKAM Ch 6-11 (POMS) Word List due Monday, April 20

The following resources will help you to keep up with To Kill a Mockingbird at home and at school.



Science – Week of April 6 April 7, 2015

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English – Week of March 23rd March 23, 2015

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STAAR Reading Test is in one week (on Tuesday, March 31)!!!

Homework this week: R/W Notebook Entry #2 is due this Wednesday/Thursday, March 25/26 .

ALL WEEK – Students will complete a “STAAR Menu” review of concepts each individual student needs. STAAR Menu activities must be completed before the STAAR test on Tuesday and will not be accepted after the STAAR test. Students may ask for a team time pass to work on the activities (if they are not scheduled for STAAR tutorials in another subject on that day). I will be available after school on Tuesday and Thursday until 4:40 for students to complete STAAR Menu activities.

Extra Credit – Earn up to 15 points for mastering words on http://www.vocabulary.com AND earn up to 15 points for spending time reading on http://www.myon.com

New log-in information for myon.com: The student’s myON username is the student’s HISD network ID (same as the iStation username) and the student’s password is “myon” (use all lower case letters and no quotation marks). 



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