"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you." R. W. Emerson

US History – Unit 7 Homework

For this unit, we will not be completing Five Alives. Rather, after each set of notes, students will be assigned 10-15 words out of the Unit 7 vocabulary to study. The next time they return to class, they will be quizzed over those select words for a grade to check to make sure that they did their homework. The main idea is to focus on vocabulary and to master the terms prior to testing.

The Five Alive will instead be used as the test review and will handed out about a week before the exam.

Below, you will find each night’s homework assignment as well as a Quizlet account they may access for just the select words.

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Math/Algebra – Week of March 20

I hope everyone had a great Spring Break. Just a reminder, Math 8 students have their math STAAR next week, on March 28th. We’ll be reviewing all week in class. For Math 8 students, the Think Through Math STAAR Review will be due on Friday, March 24th. I will be taking an average of the 5 lessons for a quiz grade. Below is our agenda for the week. Continue reading

Science – Week of March 6

Mon/Tues – Check Ch. 8.2 textbook pages, work on plate tectonic foldable, check plate tectonic and convection questions, read and discuss topographic map notes

HW: complete plate tectonic foldable

Wed/Thurs – check foldable, creating a topographic map activity

HW: study for geology quiz (continental drift, plate tectonics, and topographc maps)

Fri – Geology quiz (30 mc questions)

HW: none

ELA – Weeks of 2/27 and 3/ 6

This week (the week of 2/27), we spent class time reading and annotation independent reading books, continued with researching diverse groups of people using the nonfiction articles using NewsELA from the “A Mile in Our Shoes” text sets. We also used SIFTS to analyze poetry.

Next week (the week of 3/6), we will use our strategies to read a poem and nonfiction article with the common theme of standing up to injustice. We will also read a short story with a focus on making inferences.

All students should be reading at least 15 minutes each day outside of class time. Students are giving book talks on their books. They have each signed up for a date to give their book talk and should have that date written in their planner. They must be prepared to give their book talk when they walk into class that day. Students were given the following handouts to help them prepare: instructions, example, outline, and rubric. They are attached here: book-talk-assignment.

The 5th six weeks overview was given out in class today and should be glued into the student composition books. 5th-six-weeks-overview-2017

The first Quizlet.com list for this six weeks was due Wed/Thurs of this week. Students were to finish one practice task and a test. Students should know the words well enough to be able to take a pencil/paper quiz on the words. Expect another list to be assigned next week.

Math/Algebra – Week of February 27

Here are the solutions for the Radicals Test Review from Thursday. Please study and be ready for the test on Friday! chapter-11-test-review-solutions

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ELA – NewsELA and Quizlet.com Class Codes


We will be using a News ELA account this six weeks. Students will be given a class code to “Join” a class. If you were absent, please sign up using the correct class code below:

1st Period: 5JFKU3

2nd Period: QE3HF3

3rd Period: QMN2H5

4th Period: V6WP7S

5th Period: RKU5B6


We will be using Quizlet.com this six weeks for building our academic vocabulary. Our first assignment will be assigned Wed/Thurs of this week and will be due next Wed/Thurs. You MUST  join my class so that I can see your progress. The list for this week is POMSELA8AcademicVocabularySet#1.

Class codes:

1st Period: https://quizlet.com/join/q8NqSjKbb

2nd Period: https://quizlet.com/join/xmPpbSq8T

3rd Period: https://quizlet.com/join/sZEb5HkBR

4th Period: https://quizlet.com/join/Da4bkDCY7

5th Period: https://quizlet.com/join/DmcK6Gamv

5th Six Weeks – Nonfiction

This six weeks, we will be focusing more on independent reading. We are starting each class with 15-20 minutes of reading, followed by a brief discussion. Students are using sticky notes to annotate as they read.

This week and last week, we are focusing on nonfiction, from odd news articles last week (using the Smithsonian Tween Tribune website) to articles focusing on diversity in America this week (using the NewsELA website).  Continue reading