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Science – Week of Oct. 5

Mon/Tues – Check Goals and HW (World famous table & Who am I?), Valence Electrons, Build an Atom quiz

HW: Concept map

Wed/Thurs – Do Now #6,12,13, Periodic People Lab, 1st 20 elements

HW: finish 1st 20 elements

Fri – Do Now # 8-11, Classifying Elements reading, PP

HW: Density Gizmo practice

English – Nearing End of 1st Six Weeks

The 1st Six Weeks grading cycle is coming to an end: Continue reading

Science EXTRA EXTRA credit

There will be a super moon lunar eclipse this Sunday evening.  Hope you can catch it.  It hasn’t happened for 33 years and won’t for another 18 years.  This video provides a great explanation for us and the kids-


Students can watch the eclipse and fill out the attached form for 10 points EXTRA CREDIT.


Due Mon 28/Tues 29

Math – Week of 9/21

Here is our agenda for 8th Math and Algebra I for the week Continue reading

US History – Week of Sept. 21st

Unit 1 is almost to an end!

Continue reading

Science – Week of Sept 21

This week is Blue, Funky Green (early dismissal), no school, green, blue

Nature of Science Test Review is due Mon/Tues – NO LATE WORK IS ACCEPTED ON TEST REVIEWS!!

Continue reading

Math – Week of September 14th

I hope everyone has had a great week! Here is what we have done in math this week and what we have planned for Friday.. Continue reading


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