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US History – Unit 6 Agenda (Materials, Resources, Etc)

Unit 6 is titled “Challenges of the New Republic”. We are starting by analyzing the role of George Washington (our 1st president) and work our way through the beginning of Andrew Jackson’s presidency (our 6th president). Please extend the screen to learn more about the standards, resources, as well as the agenda for this unit. 🙂

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English – Cycle 4 – Pre-AP Extra Credit Opportunity

Extra Credit Opportunity – Cycle 4
Print out the attached assignment, complete, and turn in to Ms. Sher.
Due by Friday, 2/16.

12AM Extra Credit 2018

US History – Unit 5 Review

Students will be taking their Unit 5 exam on Wednesday/Thursday,  Feb. 7th/8th.

They will be given a physical review in class on Friday, Feb. 2nd. A digital copy can be found here: Unit 5 Study Guide 2017-2018

Student participated in making video reviews of the 7 Principles and the Bill of Rights in class on Monday – Thursday of this week. To see their video reviews, check out the following links:

1st Period Video Reviews

5th Period Video Reviews

6th Period Video Reviews

8th Period Video Review

Their number one tool to prepare for my exams are their in class spirals. Otherwise, more resources can found back on my previous Unit 5 post on this blog.


English PreAP – 4th Cycle – 12 Angry Men

Image result for 12 angry men descriptionThis cycle, the PreAP classes are reading 12 Angry Men, a play in which a 12-man jury is sent to begin deliberations in the first-degree murder trial of a 19-year-old man accused in the stabbing death of his father, where a guilty verdict means an automatic death sentence. The play is set in the 1950’s. We will use this play to discuss topics such as character biases and prejudices, reasonable doubt, characterization, credibility of evidence, dialogue and staging of plays, theme, and making inferences and predictions.

We are reading the play out loud in class. Therefore, if you miss a class period, it is very important that you read the section that you missed before the next class. You may get your packet from my classroom or find the play online to read. Continue reading


On Thursday/Friday, January 18th/19th, students were introduced to the 7 principles of the Constitution: Federalism, Limited Power, Individual Rights, Popular Sovereignty, Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, and Republicanism.

Besides creating a foldable, which is currently in their US History spiral, Miss Riegler also presented them with an extra credit opportunity for Unit 5.

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US History – Gr8 Election Project

This spring, all POMS 8th graders will participate in an election simulation unit. The simulation will have stages during which students will register to vote as citizens of the Republic of POMS, join and shape political parties and their platforms, nominate presidential candidates and whittle the field down to three party representatives who will compete for student votes in a grade wide election. During these stages, all students are eligible and encouraged to play a variety of roles. All students will be reflective of the process and complete a series of writing assignments (classwork grades) detailing their participation and opinions about the campaigning. These assignments will be compiled into a graded portfolio which they will keep in their history classroom. Following the simulation, the unit will culminate in an individual project (major grade) that demonstrates student understanding of how elections work in the US and what roles and responsibilities citizens can take part.

In order to learn more about the different stages for the project as well as detailed descriptions of roles and responsibilities, please check out the following attachments: The Gr8 Election Framework 17-18

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email Miss Riegler at sriegler@houstonisd.org

US History – Unit 5 (Agenda, Resources, etc)

Welcome Back! This semester has already started out with a bang!

The first week back (from January 8 – 12th) we spent time reviewing Units 1 – 4.  These units will be seen again when the students take their US History STAAR in May as well as their final exam at the end of the year. If your student struggled in the first semester, I highly recommend looking at the resources identified in previous posts to review the material.

Further, we are officially beginning Unit 5: The Constitution – the Principles and the Bill of Rights.

The goals for this unit are to understand the following:

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