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US History – Unit 4 Agenda

Students have begun Unit 4: Growth of a New Nation. In this unit, students are learning about the Articles of Confederation, the Constitutional Convention, Federalist vs. Anti-Federalist and the eventual ratification of the US Constitution.

Unit 4 exam will be on Wednesday / Thursday, Dec. 13th/14th. 

The following is a direct link to the Unit 4 Vocabulary Quizlet list: Unit 4 Quizlet List . Unit 4 Vocabulary Quiz will be on Monday/Tuesday, Dec 11th/12th. 

Below you will find the agenda and homework assignments for Unit 4 (I will be updating this announcement through the end of the unit, so please check regularly):

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US History – Growth Mindset Assignment due Friday, Dec. 1st

On Monday/Tuesday in US History, students took a survey and learned about growth mindset. In order to reinforce this concept, students were assigned a poster project. They are allowed to choose a word that traditionally carries a negative connotation. However, people with growth mindsets do not view these words negatively. For their assigned word, they will create a poster by writing positive words and phrases and drawing positive images associated with that word.

To learn more about the difference between fixed and growth mindset, please feel free to watch the follow TedTalk : TedTalk Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

High School Recommendations – Ms. Sher

It’s that time of year…I’m starting to get requests for letters of recommendation for high school. I have created a form through Google Classroom that I am asking every student who is requesting a high school recommendation from me to complete. This will help me know a little more about you for completing the recommendations. It will also help me keep track of the requests. Thank you!

US History – Unit 2/3 Exam on Wednesday/Thursday (Nov. 14/15th)

Students will be taking their Unit 2/3 exam on Wednesday/Thursday, November 15th/16th. In order to prepare, students will receive a study guide covering the main topics and references to find more information on the subjects. Students will receive a physical copy of this document in class on Wednesday/Thursday (November 8th/9th). Otherwise, a digital copy can be located here: Unit 2and3 Study Guide

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English – Week of 10/30 – 11/3 – Revised Info for week of 11/6

This week in class, our focus is on writing persuasive letters and reading the Holocaust novels .

Mon/Tues: Read and guided literature discussion. Draft persuasive letters. Complete poetry analysis assignment and Holocaust ID card assignment from last week if needed.

Wed/Thurs: Read. Stunning sentence from IRB with explanation of what makes that sentence stunning. Revise, edit, and begin typing (in Google Classroom assignment) persuasive letters. Receive options for IRB project. Complete poetry analysis assignment and Holocaust ID card assignment from last week if needed.

Friday: Turn in typed persuasive letter using Google Classroom assignment.  Complete poetry analysis assignment and Holocaust ID card assignment from last week if needed. Work on IRB project. 

Students will have about 45 minutes of class time to complete and submit their persuasive letters on Monday/Tuesday. Please make sure that your letter is revised and edited.


  • Holocaust IRB bookmark due Mon/Tues, Nov. 6/7. 
  • Sentences or Fragments? Grammar assignment due Tues, Nov. 7 at 10 PM. This has been assigned through Google Classroom. 


  • Cycle 2 Test over persuasive techniques will be Mon/Tues, Nov. 6/7. This will be an open note test. Revised: The Cycle 2 Test will now be on Wed/Thurs, Nov. 8/9. It will be an open note test.
  • Poetry analysis assignment and Holocaust ID card assignment due end of class Nov. 6/7 if not yet completed. 
  • Holocaust IRB project will be due end of class Nov. 8/9. We will spend class time working on this assignment after the test on Mon/Tues and on Wed/Thurs.


Access Google Classroom using your HISD sign-in: s(ID#)@online.houstonisd.org; Example: s123456@online.houstonisd.org

Science – Week of Oct. 30

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