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Schlitterbahn Update May 25, 2015

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8th Grade Parents- Tomorrow, May 26th, our 8th graders will travel to Galveston for some fun in the sun at Schlitterbahn Water Park. Students will meet and get into their groups in the cafeteria at 8:15. Our goal is to depart by 9:00. Here are a few reminders for the day:

Students must bring:
A sack lunch
Two bottles of water- no glass bottles or containers are allowed
A towel
A dry change of clothes for the bus ride home

A hoodie or long sleeve shirt. If it is cloudy, they may get chilly.

Students may also bring the following if they wish:
A hat and sunglasses
Water shoes or flip-flops that can be worn in the park
Electronic devices for the bus ride (these must be left on the bus while we are in the park)
A small amount of spending money for snacks or souvenirs (we do not recommend sending more than $10-$20)
Students should wear:
Pin Oak T-shirt- Students will change into their Schlitterbahn shirt when they arrive at school.
Swimsuit may be worn to school under clothing.
Boys may wear swim trunks to school as shorts.
All bottoms must be fingertip length or longer.

We will return to school between 5:30 and 6:00. You will receive a call-out from the school when we have a better estimate of our arrival time.


To Kill A Mockingbird Southern Snacks Buffet – Wednesday, May 27 May 18, 2015

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When we started reading To Kill a Mockingbird, the 8th grade English teachers thought that it would be a grand idea to have a “tasting buffet” of some of the foods mentioned in the book after we watch the movie on Wednesday, May 27th. Who doesn’t want to try butter beans with molasses- the way Walter Cunningham prefers his, collard greens- where Scout and Jem first see Dill, or Miss Maudie’s Lane Cake, or some delicious pickled pigs’ knuckles . After some careful consideration, we have discovered that collard greens are out of season, and Lane Cake is made with alcohol (probably not the best choices for school). And, honestly, who really wants to eat beans with molasses- not that we judge Walter- after all, he was a guest.

I would like to see if we can get a buffet of some tasty Southern treats for that day. I have set up a “Sign-up Genius” so that students can let me know what they are bringing (we don’t want too many people to bring pickled pigs’ knuckles, do we?).

Thank you in advance for your help!




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We would like to reward our students for a “job well done” at the end of this year. Based on STAAR and EOC exams, students will have the opportunity to enter a drawing for some fabulous prizes such as Kindle Fires and summer games and activities. We would also like to include a variety of gift cards or certificates in the drawing, but these cannot be purchased by the school. If you are able to help us supplement our drawing with gift cards (ranging from $5-$25), we would greatly appreciate it. Possibilities included (but are not limited to): movie tickets, ice cream, passes for activities such as rock climbing or ice skating, Game Stop, Dave and Busters, gift cards for restaurants… the possibilities are endless! We appreciate your help in sending our 8th graders off with great memories of Pin Oak!

Gift Certificates should be given to Mrs. Foster by Friday, May 22th.



Math Week of 5/11 May 14, 2015

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Algebra 1: Students are preparing for their final exam. The exam is Wednesday, May 20th.

Assignments: Our first packet was due on Wednesday, the next one is due Friday. It is titled, “Pkt #3″.  “Pkt # 4 is due on Monday.
Pre-Algebra: We are working on creating a budget.  Students are learning about credit and debit cards, banks and credit unions.   Students have a prelimary budget due Friday. They are to create a living budget.  A digital version is avaialable here:  http://www.consumer.gov/content/make-budget-worksheet

Students  will get five extra credit points if they complete the digital budget.  The work to be submitted is the calculations done to take their projected gross income and calculate their net income.  Here is a link to the videos we watched in class:   http://www.consumer.gov/section/managing-your-money



English – Upcoming Important Information May 12, 2015

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The Character Identity Intersection assignment is due this Wednesday/Thursday (May 13/14). This is a 30 point major grade project. If you have any questions about the expectations,  please see the attached TKAM Character Intersect Rubric.

The TKAM Cumulative test will be on May 20/21. Any students who know that they will be ABSENT from class on that day will need to be prepared to take their test in class on May 18/19.


HISD Student Congress Middle School Meeting April 29, 2015

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The HISD Student Congress, a student-run, student led group is having their final meeting this semester on May 16th from 10:45-3 at T.H. Rogers. It is geared towards middle school students.

Students who are interested in attending can RSVP at tinyurl.com/StuConMay16MS, where you will also be able to sign up for the writing contest, mentorship, and pick a committee to attend a meeting for.

Link to a flier for the event: HISD Student Congress Middle School Meeting Flier


Science – Week of April 27 April 28, 2015

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Mon – Thurs – Checkpoint #1 – Signed letter due, two sources plus information collected due

HW: IOWA book – Science and Spelling (due Friday), work on project

Fri – Checkpoint #2 – 3 sources plus most information collected

HW: work on project

Project deadlines:

Thurs 7/Fri 8 – Checkpoint #3 – interview completed, most of project completed

Final Project due:  Mon 11/Tues 12   No Late Work Accepted



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