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Math/Algebra – Week of October 24

Reminder, next week is the last week of the second 6 weeks. Please keep monitoring grade speed for any missing assignments. Here are some important dates coming up.

Algebra I: Inequalities Test on Thursday, October 27th. Inequalities Movies Project is due on Tuesday, November 1st.

Math 8: Assessment on Friday, October 28th.

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US History – October 24th

The following is the agenda in US History class during the week of October 24th:

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PSAT Wednesday 10/19

All 8th graders will be taking the PSAT on Wednesday, 10/19.

Lunch will be at 1:10. Students will be in testing rooms until 1:05. It is very important that students eat a filling breakfast. No snacks will be allowed in the testing rooms.

All testing rooms will be in House C. There will be signs posted with room assignments.

Students should bring:

  • TI Graphing Calculator (no Inspire varieties or other varieties with internet capabilities)
  • Bottle of water (no other beverages or snacks)
  • Work to do after the test (students will NOT be allowed to return to their locker until after testing)

Items that should be left in lockers or at home (NOT brought to testing rooms):

  • cell phones, e-readers, food

What to expect:

  • All portions of the test will be timed. It is likely that you will not complete portions and that you will not know how to answer all of the questions. Do the best you can!
  • If you complete a portion before time is up, you will not be able to read or work on any other work. Take your time on each section.
  • There is no penalty for wrong answers or for leaving questions blank.

After all sections of the test are finished, students will have some time designated as a study hall before lunch. Make sure to bring materials to work on for each class. Students will not be allowed to return to their lockers until lunch time.

Science – Week of Oct. 17

Mon/Tues – (1st, 3rd, 6th, 8th)

  • Check Chemical reactions lab, Chemistry test, Ch 4.1 Speed and Velocity reading and questions

HW – (1st, 3rd) Finish 4.1 questions (due Friday) – (4th, 6th) complete first portion of 4.1 questions

(5th) – Study for test on Wednesday

Wed –  PSAT testing

5th period – Chemistry Test

Thurs – Work on 4.1 speed and velocity questions

Fri – Speed PP and practice calculations

HW – Graphing distance and time


English – Week of 10/17

This week, we are learning about persuasive appeals and techniques and beginning to plan our persuasive editorial letters. We are also continuing our work with Holocaust literature.


  • Read independent reading book and complete bookmark (due 10/28)
  • 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Periods: Finish Speech Analysis (if not completed in class) due Friday, 10/21
  • NoRedInk: Direct Objects, Prepositional Phrases, and Embedded Quotations Practice Due Monday, 10/24  This assignment should take no more than 30- 45 minutes. If it is taking you longer than that, or if you are having difficulty accessing the site, see me this week!

Week of October 17th – US History

The agenda for this week in US history can be found below:

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Math/Algebra – Week of October 10

Below is our agenda for the week. Please pay attention to the due dates for the different assignments. Continue reading