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Algebra I Final Exam Review

Here are the worked out solutions for the final exam review and it’s a little hard to read some of them. If you need to clarify the one’s you can’t read, please come see me in my room so I can show you the paper copy.

Final Exam Review Solutions

US History – Final Exam and Glory!

Next week students will be taking their US History Final and will have the opportunity to watch Glory in class! Continue reading

STAAR and Finals Week Schedule

STAAR Week Schedule

Monday 9 – Friday 13

  Mon. 9 Tues. 10 Wed. 11 Thurs. 12 Fri. 13
8:15 – 12:40 TEAMS – Science Review TEAMS – History Review SCIENCE STAAR HISTORY STAAR  

Charger Day

  Blue, Red, Green – Read TKAM

Yellow, Green – History video

Grouped by science class. Work on Enviro project Blue, Red, Green – History video

Yellow, Green – Read TKAM

Math review
  Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
  Blue, Red, Green – History video

Yellow, Green – Read TKAM

Work on Enviro project Blue, Red, Green – Read TKAM

Yellow, Green – History video

Math review


Finals Week Schedule

Monday 16 – Friday 20

If you will not be here the day of your final you MUST arrange a time to take it with your teacher ASAP. There will not be an opportunity to take it after Thursday May 19th.

Mon 16       Tues 17       Wed 18       Thurs 19        Fri 20 – Charger

1st & 3rd        2nd & 4th     5th & 7th      6th & 8th

English – IRA #2 Reminder

Please remember that the IRA #2 is due 5/13. I have had a selection of texts (short story, poem, and nonfiction article) available in my classroom.

Here are some other resources you might need:

TKAM IRA–  Independent Reading Assignment Form

Suggested Reading for Part Two of To Kill A Mockingbird

Link to a  local Houston magazine found by Mr. Merz containing lots of nonfiction articles from that time period: http://houstonhistorymagazine.org/pdfs/v8n1.pdf



US History – STAAR Review Resources!

On Thursday, May 12th, all 8th grade students will be taking their American History STAAR exam. In order to prepare, students will be reviewing throughout next week, May 2nd – 6th. They have received their practice STAAR score and are aware of their current standing in my class.

Continue reading

US History – Unit 8 and 9 Exam

Students will be taking a Unit 8 and 9 exam this Friday,  April 29th.

Continue reading

We need Chaperones for Schlitterbahn

Calling all 8th Grade Parents and Guardians:

We need of volunteers to chaperone the 8th grade Schlitterbahn field trip on Tuesday, May 24. In order to join us on this fun adventure, you must be V.I.P.S. approved and you must be able to pay $30 to cover your park entrance fee. You will receive your very own Pin Oak Schlitterbahn t-shirt (because on the best day of the year, we dress alike). If you are interested in volunteering, please e-mail Amber Parker at aparker1@houstonisd.org by Friday, April 29, 2016, and provide the following information:

  1. Your full name (as it appears on your driver’s license).
  2. The name of your 8th grader (No nicknames, please!)
  3. Your student’s cluster
  4. The best phone number to reach you during the day

You will receive a follow-up e-mail shortly with details on making your payment, and further information.

Can I chaperone the Schlitterbahn trip?

  • I am V.I.P.S. approved*.
  • I am 21 years of age or older.
  • I am the parent or legal guardian to a Pin Oak 8th grader

What are the commitments and responsibilities?

  • Be available from 8:00 a.m. until approximately 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 24,2016.
  • You will need to ride the charter bus with your group from Pin Oak to Galveston (and back again). We have made exceptions when siblings have a time conflict with graduations, but it is best if all chaperones ride the bus.
  • Set check in times for your student group and hold group members responsible for meeting you at specific times and locations.
  • Be observant and help Pin Oak staff ensure that students are following the park rules and guidelines set by Pin Oak.

What will I need to provide?

  • Pay $30 fee to cover entry to the park.
  • Provide your own lunch, towel, sunscreen, etc.

*If you are not a V.I.P.S. approved volunteer, you will need to register through the H.I.S.D. website, and provide Yvonne Treveno, our school receptionist with a copy of your driver’s license, or other official photo identification. Please do so as soon as possible so that we can add you to our list!


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