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Science – Week of Nov. 30

Newton’s Laws of Motion Project – Due Mon 7/Tues 8 – NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED Continue reading

English – Welcome to the 3rd Six Weeks

Week of November 9:

Monday/Tuesday – Students learned how to diagram simple subjects, simple predicates, adjectives, and adverbs. If you did not understand how to do this by the end of class, please come to TEAM time or Tuesday tutorials as soon as possible – it will only get harder from here! Homework: Book check (historical fiction, realistic fiction, or mystery/crime fiction) Wednesday/Thursday.

Wednesday/Thursday – Students continued identifying simple subjects, simple predicates, adjectives, and adverbs in sentences. We also visited the POMS Book Fair. Homework: R/W NB #1 (IRP), due November 19/20.

Friday – Students learned about being a juror on a trial and began working on vocabulary for Twelve Angry Men using Vocabulary.com. Homework: R/W NB #1 (IRP), due November 19/20 and finish mastering the Vocabulary.com Twelve Angry Men vocabulary list.

Students also received the 3rd Six Weeks Overview in class this week: 3rd Six Weeks Overview 2015

If you were absent on Friday, here is a link to the video on being a juror and the link to the jury survey: 



Please make sure to read your novel over the weekend! 

ChargerFest FAQ

What parts of the ChargerFest are free and what parts do I need a wristband for?
You do not need a wristband to participate or volunteer at this event, and you will have free access to the Visual Art and Photography Showcase in the cafeteria and International Fest with its displays and foreign food samples down Main Street.

You will need a yellow Fine Art Performance wristband ($5) to see the Fine Arts performances, or a blue access-all ChargerFest wristband ($20 pre-sale or $25 on the day) to take part in any of the games and activities (cake-walk and outside attractions). The blue wristband will also give you access to the Fine Arts performances.

  1. I am a Fine Arts performer, do I get a free pass for ChargerFest?
    Fine Arts performers and cheerleaders will receive a free yellow Fine Art Performance wristband and be given a $5 ticket to use for food or games as part of performer incentive.  If you want to buy a blue access-all ChargerFest wristband (good for Fine Arts Performances, games, activities), you can give your free Fine Art Performance wristband to a parent, friend, sibling, etc…
  2. I am a student volunteer, do I get a free pass for ChargerFest?
    As a volunteer you will get credit for service hours.  Please submit your service hour sheet to ChargerFest Volunteer Coordinators or Chairs to sign.  You will need to purchase a yellow or blue wristband to see the performances and/or to play the games.
  3. I am a presenter at the International Festival, do I get a free wristband?
    This is either part of your assignment for 6th Grade World Cultures, or to obtain extra credits.  You will need to purchase a yellow or blue wristband to see the performances and/or to play the games.
  4. Do my parents or siblings have to buy wristbands?
    They can get into the grounds for free, and come and watch the presentations at the International Festival tables down Main Street and sample the food on offer and enjoy Visual Art and Photography showcase in the cafeteria.  However, if they want to see the Fine Arts Performances, take part in the cake walk and/or play Carnival games and activities in front of the school, each will need to purchase a wristband or tickets.
  5. Will there be food?
    Yes, we are selling Chick-fil-A nuggets, sandwiches, Papa John’s pizza, chips, and drinks at the Cafeteria lines.  You also have access to the free food samples at the International Fest until they run out.  If you have a blue access-all ChargerFest wristband, you are able to get your sweet tooth satisfied at the Cake Walk.  Choir is also having their Famous Chocolate Fundraiser.  Support your Choir friends and buy a chocolate bar from them.
  6. What time is the ChargerFest?
    It runs from 12pm-4pm. The International Fest component will run until 3pm, but we will leave the displays up until 4pm to not interrupt the rest of the ChargerFest with an early take-down.
  7. What happens if it rains?
    ChargerFest is a rain or shine event.  We simply move the outdoor activities inside to the MPR, if it rains.
  8. What happens if I haven’t pre-purchased a ticket?
    We are selling discounted ChargerFest wristbands and tickets during lunch time until Friday, 11/13, or you can purchase your wristbands and tickets on Saturday, 11/14.

Science – Week of Nov. 9

We are beginning our new unit on Physics. Please talk to your child about the goal that they wrote for Science for this six weeks and the steps they plan to take to achieve it.  Continue reading

US History – Process Paper

This Friday, November 13th, all history classes will turn in their History Fair Process Paper. This assignment needs to be typed in 12 point font and double spaced. Below, I have included further information on what should be included as well as a template to type the assignment in.

process-paper-template (4)


Science – Weekly Extra Credit

Earn 5 extra points for each extra credit assignment turned in.

You can only submit one per week – by Friday of that week.

You need to read an article about science and answer the questions on the attached link – current event guidelines

You must complete the entire sheet. Partial credit will not be given.

I recommend the following sites as they have kid friendly science news.




Algebra I Ch. 6 Test Review Solutions and Inequalities Project

If you are in Algebra I, and will not be in class on Wednesday or Thursday of this week, please come see me ASAP to get your test review. The test for Chapter 6 is on Friday, 11/6! Here is a copy of a blank review sheet just in case you didn’t pick one up. Chapter 6 Test Review

There are some problems I would like for you to omit on the test review. They are 17, 21, 22, 33, 39, 40, 43, 50, 51. Below are the solutions for the Chapter 6 Test Review

Chapter 6 Test Review Solutions

Below is some more information about the inequalities project. Continue reading


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