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English – Cross Curricular Career Project May 14, 2014

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The school year is coming to an end. Our last big project of the year was a cross-curricular career project. The English assignment for this project was to create a tri-fold brochure about the student’s chosen career. The career brochure is due this Thursday/Friday. The rubric was given to students in class. It is also attached here if students have lost theirs. Brochure Rubric – Career PROJECT


Science – Week of May 12 May 12, 2014

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Mon – Checkpoint # 3 (#4 on handout), Last day to work on project in class

Tues/Wed – Science Challenges

Thurs(green)/Fri (blue) – Science portion of Career Project is Due. Students will present in class. Final rubric has changed – Final Rubric 



Career Cross Curricular Project April 28, 2014

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Starting Monday, April 28, your child will begin working on a cross-curricular project researching a possible career choice and the path that will land them there.This project will be a significant portion of the grades for many of the classes. Please make sure that your child is meeting the checkpoints and deadlines.

Final Project is Due Friday May 16th.


Letter to Parents and Project Summaries

Science Information and Rubric – This link includes information about the science portion of the project, deadlines, rubrics, sample interview questions, bibliography cheat sheet, and a sample thank you letter.


Math Week of April 28th

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Algebra 1 (updated)

Testing 123…
We are preparing for next Monday’s STAAR Exam.

Please note that the Chapter 10 Retake is now going to be given on Thursday, May 1st after school instead of on Tuesday after school

Assignments for this week are to be done in and out of class. The majority of each class period will be for working.

Pg. 247 questions 11-20 (10 questions)
Pg. 256 questions 3-8 all, 12-15 all (10 questions)
Pg. 265 questions 3-12 all (10 questions)
Pg. 266 questions 16, 20, 35 (3 questions)
Pg. 286 questions 10-17 all (8 questions)
Pg. 287 questions 18-26 all (9 questions)
Pg. 297 questions 23-26, 29, 30, 31 (7 questions)
57 questions in all;

Pg. 306 questions 23, 27, 29, 30 (4 questions)
Pg. 314 questions 11, 12, 15, 18, 22, 23, 24 (7 questions)
Pg. 322 questions 3, 4, 5, 7, 12, 14, 18, 20 (8 questions)
Pg. 447 questions 3, 7, 12, 20 (4 questions)
Pg. 492 questions 4, 8, 17, 30, 40, 48 (6 questions)
Pg. 498-499 questions 8, 10, 12, 16, 26, 37, 40 (7 questions)
Pg. 506 questions 28, 34, 42, 46 (4 questions)
Pg. 515 questions 4, 6, 10, 16, 18, 24, 26 (7 questions)
47 questions in all;

Pg. 558 questions 30, 31 (2 questions)
Pg. 703 questions 1, 2 (2 questions)
Pg. 823 questions 3-6 all (4 questions)
Pg. 925 questions 1-12 all (12 questions)
Pg. 928 questions 1-7 all (7 questions)
27 questions in all;

Pre-Algebra (updated)
This week, we will focus on solving equations with variables on both sides. We will also review sequences and will begin our interdisciplinary Career Project.


Wkbk  Pg. 29, Section 10-4 Study Guide and Intervention Questions 1-6 all AND

Wkbk Pg. 30 Section 10-4 Skills Practice Questions 1-19 odd;


Computer Lab: Math Portion of the Career Project (Budget Worksheets- there are two of them);


Wkbk Pg. 18 Section 11-2 Study Guide and Intervention Questions 1-9 all;




Holocaust and Magna Carta Field Trip April 25, 2014

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Holocaust Museum and Magna Carta (HMNS) Field Trip
The 8th grade students are going on a field trip to the Holocaust Museum and the Houston Museum of Natural Science on either Monday (4/28), Tuesday (4/29), or Thursday (5/1).

Please remember:

◦You must bring a sack lunch and a drink with you on the day of your trip.
◦You must wear your Pin Oak Uniform (polo shirt, khaki or blue jean bottoms- no spirit shirts!).


Math Week of April 21st April 18, 2014

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The schedule this week is as follows:
Tuesday-Testing Green;
Wednesday-Testing Blue;

Algebra 1
We are gearing up for STAAR! The Algebra 1 STAAR Test is on Monday, May 5th. The end of course exam is on Wednesday, May 21st. Please note that the STAAR covers all the material from the year, with greater emphasis typically on linear equations, systems of equations, and systems of inequalities. The semester exam covers only second semester material, with very little (but some) material from the first semester.

Students will be doing corrections to the released STAAR Exam throughout the week. They should bring their packets to class each and every day. They will also learn and practice advanced calculator skills, so please don’t miss class! Students will be permitted a graphing calculator on both the STAAR and semester final.

The STAAR corrections will be a test grade and are due next Monday, April 28th. and will receive a test grade for these corrections. In addition, small packets of review material will come home each day.

Students will not have homework on Monday but will have homework on Wednesday and Friday.

The Chapter 10 Exams will be returned on Wednesday. Students requiring a retake can take the exam on Tuesday, April 29th after school. Tutorials will be available the latter half of the week (Thursday and possibly Friday). No tutorials are permitted on Monday and Tuesday due to testing on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tutorials will resume Thursday afternoon. Originally, I had scheduled special tutorials all the mornings of next week, but will not have them. Students needing assistance will also be allowed to come in during Team Time to get extra help.

“TEKSING TOWARDS STAAR Mathematics STAAR Blueprint Assessment 1 Algebra 1” Questions 1- 19 all in class; They are due on Wednesday in class; Students have more than enough time in class on MOnday to complete them.

Students will receive back their STAAR Released exam if they did not get it back last Friday due to absence. Students have one week to complete the corrections. They are due on Monday, April 28th.

“TEKSING TOWARDS STAAR Mathematics STAAR Blueprint Assessment 1 Algebra 1” Questions 20-33 all;
Correct Chapter 10 Test;
Questions 1-19 are due;

“TEKSING TOWARDS STAAR Mathematics STAAR Blueprint Assessment 1 Algebra 1” Questions 34-46 all;Due on Monday;

Chapter 10 Test Corrections are due;
Questions 20-33 are due;

Final revision on Chapter 1-8 Review and Chapter 9 Review are due (we will grade them today);

Students are taking their Social Science and Science STAAR Exams, so there will be no homework this week until Thursday.

In class, we will prepare for Stanford and continue to work on writing and solving multi-step equations.

Monday (Charger Day):
Students will correct Quiz 1 and will review the distributive property; There is no homework due to testing;

Tuesday (Testing Green):
Students will be given time to complete the graphic organizer. Students will be given the handouts, but will not have them for homework. Some can begin working on them today (such as 6th Period as their class is longer than the rest); Time for the handouts will be given on Thursday.

Handout: Distributive Property Graphic Organizer (finish it with a partner);

Handout: Two-Step Equations and Multi-Step Equations (one assignment);

Thursday (Green):
Students will be given forty minutes to work on the handouts from Tuesday.

We will grade these handouts then we will begin (but not finish) a PowerPoint activity.

Students will then be given twenty minutes to retake Quiz 1. Students not requiring or desiring the retake will be free to work on other assignments;


Science – Week of April 14 April 14, 2014

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Mon/Tues – check Ecology review packet, check ocean systems(1st, 4th, 8th only), Begin Biology review
HW: finish questions for topics covered during class

Wed/Thurs – biology review packet
HW: finish questions for topics covered during class

Fri – Finish biology review packet
HW: – finish packet – due Monday – No late work accepted



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